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We have a qualified and experienced sales and technical team to provide complete solutions to corporations.

Our team has over 10 years experience managing corporate network and server systems. We provide solutions from planning, designing, installation, implementation, testing and maintaining corporate network and server systems. We had experience in various sectors including schools and colleges, multi-state companies, legal firms, factories, warehouses, real state agencies and range of retailers and offices. We design, install and provide continuous maintenance and support to our clients to ensure continue and stable running of computer systems for their daily business use.

In addition, we provide important data back up and security solutions for our clients. We ensure our clients' important and valuable company data is backed up and secured at all time, and immediately retrievable in case of system failure. We provide security solutions and updates to protect our clients from online threats and minimize the chance of data lose in case of system failure.

We also provide clients quick access to telephone and email support so our technician can assist to resolve issues and provide step by step guidance in a speedy manner.