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KS Computers is one of Australia's leading computer stores of famous brand names, quality hardware, software and services to consumers since 1996.


Knowledge and Services are the key success of our business.

We provide solutions to you, and a range of businesses and educational organizations with the best of our knowledge and price to enhance competitiveness in the rapidly changing and technology driven market. We aim to provide a one-stop-shop with all the latest technology and information. Our highly qualified technical support team is available to assist your enquiries and provide solutions in a timely manner.


Our dedicated and experienced sales team is committed to provide you the best equipment and services according to your needs. Our custom designed systems help to reduce cost and maximize efficiency and return for you. Our sales team will also plan solutions with technology trends in mind. We aim to keep our clients always up-to-date with the lowest cost.

Goods and Services

We provide a wide range of desktop and notebook systems, components, accessories, mobile devices, networking products and various software from major and reputable brands.

Our dedicated team of highly qualified Systems and Networks Specialists also provide you with: 

  • Intel Networking Solutions
  • Microsoft Networking Solutions
  • Novel NetWare Networking Solutions
  • On Site Support & Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Data Backup
  • Hardware & Software Installation
  • Computer Repairs
  • Internet Planning Advisory Services

  Locations and Delivery Area

We have two shop fronts, Stanmore and Auburn, you can pick up from our friendly sales representatives at either places. We also have a strong logistics system to deliver to you Australia wide.

We also do on-site in the Sydney metropolitan area.